Friday, 20 April 2007

Pull Shapes

Initial feedback on the film script is positive, nearly good enough to dance about the house like my main character. More detailed feedback to come later, which, as it gets specific, will no doubt be more critical. All to the good.
It feels we're singing from the same edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern, anyhow, and will be able to pull the whole thing together, between us.

Fingers crossed, but looking hopeful.

I've thought of a new title too which I think is both good and apt (it's a well known phrase that's also been used as a title on a Doctor Who audio spin-off coincidentally, though not one I've never heard, I must confess).
You'll never guess it. Well, actually you might. There's no prize, but if you work it out you can be justly proud of your self.
I expect.


Pebble said...

It's gotta be Creed of the Kromon, surely? Or if it isn't it jolly well should be.


IZP said...

My arch acquaintance- the Pebble! What friendish activities are you down to now?

Now look, I quite clearly typed 'Doctor Who audio spin-off' and that it's one one I hadn't heard.

1) You've seen the hollow look in my eyes and indeed ears, you know I've heard Creed of the Kromon (twice now, the second time mainly to be sure and to enjoy Davy's guitar playing).

2) You also know that Creed of the Kromon is proper Doctor Who not a spin-off, just like the Sky Ray lolly cards and the '70s annual stories and Doctor Who Discovers Michael Holt Making Stuff Up About Dinosaurs. In fact it's almost exactly like the Sky Ray lolly cards and the '70s annual stories and Doctor Who Discovers Michael Holt Making Stuff Up About Dinosaurs now I come to think about it.

Thanks for playing, anyhow. Call again, it's dead cheap really, you're up late, everyone else in the audience appears to be really stupid, and that big no prize must be won!

Stuart Douglas said...

I'm guessing "Eye of the Storm" or "Wirrn: Race Memory\".

My thinking is that (a) no-one has ever heard "Eye of the Storm" all the way through and (b) any film would be improved by the presence of the Wirrn* :)

* The same is not true of BBC novels, though.

Pebble said...

Bone of Contention? I don't know, there's a limit to how many Benny titles I can read through before I get flashbacks to my old auto-blurbenator days.

IZP said...

Oh, look here's a clue- it's one of the few Doctor Who audio spin-off titles an exaspertaed man might have said to you in a car, Matt.*

*Levaing aside "Coming to Dust" obviously.

Pebble said...

Oh, I'm a fool to myself, you mean Sarah Jane in an Excitingly Non-Canonical Adventure with the For Fuck's Matthew BRAKE. I need to brush up my geekiness a bit, I'm so out of practice. I mean I'm already inappropriately thin, and then today I went for a walk in the outsides. I'll be wearing the right sort of trousers next.