Friday, 18 May 2007

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

A quickish bout of googling reveals Robin Johnson who wrote the Hamlet text adventure has written a Wodehouse inspired one too, so, that's my future time wasting sorted.

Moral: Never check if your ideas are original, they probably aren't.

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Pebble said...

I have forgotten to mention for a while how really quite slightly excited I am about No Tomatoes no longer being just you and a pitch modulator, with an actual, albeit potential, which is to say not actual, but genuinely half-interested audience willing to give you the time of day in retun for not being Quote Unquote and everything. What with that and Marky's Wetworld cropping up on the bbc site (about which I am being very good about not being jealous, but can't promise it will continue), things are really looking up in the People Other Than Me Doing Well category. Which is a category that, honest injun, I'm rooting for much more than its bitter, twisted title would suggest.