Friday, 30 November 2007

Baby Limbo

In other olds...

The opportunities to have opportunities I hinted at a couple of weeks back- one's fallen through, bummer. The other one is possible still but would now involve a lengthy stay in London which isn't ideal, but might be worth exploring. Bummerish, but still...

There also looks to be faint possibilities on the radio drama side again. It had seemed to me that I was meeting nothing but disinterest on that front (which made it all the more galling when I learned midweek that a biographical drama idea I pitched as radio last year and was told no one was interested in, and was now talking to a TV producer about, is being made as a TV film for BBC 4. It was obviously a story someone should do, I wish it could have been me).
So, I was pleased to get an email towards the end of the week from a radio drama producer who liked my writing, which made a nice change from me having to send in pitches that failed to engage anyone. We'll meet up after I've interviewed my second tranch of TV industry multi-millionaires and see what happens.

Then there's Project X which is a co-writing thing I'd love to do, which is very much in the lap of the gods, so you know, I'm not starving yet.
I might be, come tea time.

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