Friday, 30 November 2007

Killing Jokes

If any of you here, who listened to N* T*m*t**s, would you mind telling me what your favourite sketches were...?
I've got to put together a range of around 5 of my best sketches for someone, or rather my best scripts and ideally ones that show a bit of range.
Basically, if you laughed at the words it might just have a script that doesn't look like gibberish on a page.

Will you do that for me, lovey...?

This message is about a real thing that I really have to do, before Monday evening and not an obvious attempt to increase my activity here in order to hit my self-imposed monthly post count.

1 comment:

Pebble said...

Castle Anagramofdraculasmane, which is probably at least five pages on its own, and noun-to-verb surgery are my predictable favourites. Also some of the end-of-show quickies, although I'm unhelpfully not going to tell you which ones.

And hello, by the way.