Wednesday, 14 November 2007

London (KLAR mix)

The media have been in touch...
Not my words, the words of track 4 of Penny Broadhurst's poptastic Allons-y! EP, but they have anyway.

Two calls from that many headed Hydra the BBC today... One, a request at stuff all notice to go on a local 'phone in and discuss a gay kiss on Emmerdale (luckily, I was out for that one and it was too late by the time I got back, so I didn't have to be rude and decline), the second, a tantalising chance to maybe do something a bit more interesting.
We'll see.
Coupled with another opportunity that may (or may not) materialise shortly (the chance to have a chance to have a chance of doing something more interesting) and a chat with an agent which is nothing yet but might be one day, things could get fun quite soon (or might not), not to mention chancy.
Better get this book done then...

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