Saturday, 6 February 2010

Repeat 'Til Fade

Hello, I'm back, please feign awareness of my absence, and the year is already accelerating downhill towards Spring.

Lovely break in Cuba, of which I may speak when I have something suitably pithy and glib to reductively label it with.
I've also come back lighter than I went (I got absolutely massive over the Summer and Autumn last year), this is a good fact, thanks to my continued work with a revolutionary diet plan- less food, more exercise, no alcohol. Who would have ever thought a crackpot scheme like that could work?

Anyway, I'm back with a new idea to work on (as well as some old ones to keep flogging away at), so I'll probably continue being a rubbish correspondent for a little while, but while you're waiting for all-new mildly disappointing material from me I've come back to discover BBC Radio 7 is re-running No Tomatoes again, some of my mildly disappointing 2007 material, a fourth airing (which I believe now, means I'm due some extra money). Episode 2 is still on-line until about midnight on Sunday.

Hope to have more for you soon.


台中 said...


Stuart Douglas said...

You seem to have attracted something of an oriental following Ian, if the comment above mine is to be believed (and why wouldn't it be?).

That's a good thing - it's China's century after all (or so the Daily Express that a man at work reads and leaves lying in the canteen tells me - also, FYI, climate change is all a lie told by spoilsports and boffins, somebody killed Princess Di on purpose, and the name Maddie needs always to be printed in RED CAPS).