Thursday, 25 January 2007

The story so far...

Ian is 38 and has just had the biggest break in his career ever, well two of them actually-
  • break 1) resigning from his job and earning only £120 over the next four months, that was a damn long break I can tell you,
  • and break 2) getting a six episode radio show commissioned by the BBC in the same week as being shortlisted for a BBC playwrights' award.
The upshot of this is that people now finally seem to believe I'm a writer, and all I really have to do to maintain this illusion now is just keep writing.
So, why am I setting up a 'blog instead? Well, I admire Richard Herring's Warming Up greatly and like the way he uses that space to explore ideas, examine his navel, force himself to be entertaining daily, and erm, warm up for the proper writing. Furthermore, everyone else has one now. If nothing else it'll get my thoughts out the house now and again even when I'm not getting out much myself (hence the puntastic title).
Don't expect anything earth-shattering here, and don't expect daily missives either. Expect the unexpected if you like (it sounds like one hand clapping in a forest where no one can hear it)...

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Stuart Douglas said...

Excellent - another victim falls foul of the Great Blog Beast.

Expect it to take up your every waking thought for about a fortnight, then update it once a month for about a year, then finally end up posting biannually along the lines of "Sorry, I've been really busy and not had time to update the blog. Expect lots of new stuff soon."