Friday, 7 September 2012


The very wonderful Matt Kimpton has died.  He was 35.
About 1% of what you need to know about him is here.  I probably only knew about 7% of what I needed to.
He was funny and kind and clever.  That's the main other thing you need to know.

"We will sing of him in the great mead hall, and, because he will be a hero then, we will get things wrong and fail to tell it all and rewrite details as we recount his story.
"He will be a pebble smoothed into story and reduced to mere legend, but those of us who knew the man will always know a man is more than a story that shifts from teller to teller, more than a beacon in the dark and more than any number of symbols you can wrap up and carry in words."

I will miss my friend.  I'm so glad he was here and so grateful to the people who loved him, cared for him and helped make him who he was.

Breathe easy, Matt.