Friday, 11 January 2019

Staying Germy

Already nearly two weeks into 2019 and no updates.
Deary me.
Anyway in product out there to buy news...
The New Counter-Measures- The Hollow King is out there to buy! Yes! From here in fact (other shops will follow in a month or so, but you won't get the offer of a download and I'll be surprised if it ends up cheaper)
It's had a couple of lovely reviews as well which I'm delighted by. Here and here.

It's a stand alone story but there are continuity Easter Eggs for the very keen- the company Rachel's lab's with has been mentioned in passing once before in a Guy Adams Counter-Measures, the museum referred to is one invented for a John Dorney Doctor Who story (I suspect so utterly ghastly things weren't alleged to have once happened at the British Museum), there may even be a nod to Clifford Jones of Llanfairfach and a little bit of chat about the UN and a Royal Institute that might even be discussing UNIT and Torchwood. That's even before you get to the OTHER STUFF.
There- you simply have to buy now.

In other news, this month I am absolutely full of something virulent, have just delivered the audio component of a new Rifftrax piece with Matthew J Elliott and have written a short play.