Thursday, 31 December 2009

Marking Time

It seems inevitable now, that after three years decently holding back we're going to start calling the next decade the Teenies or Teens.
I don't like it but I imagine people who lived through the Roaring Twenties and Swinging Sixties and didn't do much of either have similar feelings about those labels. I can't control it so I'll just have to deal with it, perhaps pointlessly moaning on a 'blog about it.

Obviously, we need labels because names are simpler than things, you know, what with things being so big and full of stuff (even the very small things). It's akin to our desire to find patterns behind events. Heads MUST come up next, it's been tails three times, two things have gone wrong for me, I'm going to have a BAD day. Actually, that last one often works because people end up wandering around with their bad day filters on, seeking out things to be negative about and often generating them by dealing with them like that.

So, when we come to the end of the packages of time we give weight to, months, years, decades we need some labels to pack them up with. A few good things happened to me this year and a few bad ones too. I've had a good year, and a good decade, and I'm going to get up tomorrow and have another.
I hope you do too.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Christmas Gift For You

Thanks to Stuart at Obverse Books for hosting.

There's now an mp3 doodah you can get at from here by all sorts of means. Click on the title if, like me, you don't understand most of them.

Do humour me in the serial- there's some bits need sorting out in the slapped together sound design. I have vague thoughts that come the serial end I might do a stand alone version with some of the dodgier bits reworked. We shall see.

It's half an hour of advertisement funded prattle! Enjoy to the limit of your abilities, oh and buy Obverse books obviously...

Merry Eczema!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Perfect Christmas Gifts for them as likes those kind of things...

... and won't mind that there's little chance of getting them before Christmas now.

The rather lovely Doctor Who short story collections I had stories in (and the ones I didn't for that matter) are on sale now at a never to repeated knock down price of a fiver a time, as the company that produced them's fiction license runs out. There's also a huge bumper book featuring the editors' choices of best stories available for a tenner (It's a huuuuuge book), but the crucial point is- you have to buy them before midnight on the 31st of December (when we celebrate ten years of the planet being inside out).
These be the volumes-
A Christmas Treasury,
and the big bumper best of book Re:Collections which features my story from Companions.

Also available now, new writing by me, from Obverse Books in
The Panda Book of Horror which I hear has already made it
through the post to some parts of the country!

And thanks to the kindness of those fools at Obverse Books I should also be able to offer you a silly little free gift here soon.

Ho blumming ho.