Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I've not posted anything here for a while because I've found nothing I've wanted to say at length that someone else wasn't saying better (and really who needs another 'blog saying I've put the weight back on I lost after last time I put it on and am trying to lose it again?) and I've been unable to say anything about the things I've been doing that haven't been announced yet.

One of them is announced now, so I'm very happy to say I'm one of the four authors of the Counter-Measures series of audio plays from Big Finish Productions. It's a Doctor Who spin-off using a trio of characters that appeared in the series in 1988, and it's firmly set in 1964.
I'm quite pleased with the way my script came out, it's been a while since I exercised the radio drama writing muscles, and was absolutely delighted by how well the recording attended went.

I won't say too much about it now, but the cast are top drawer. Doctor Who fans will remember Simon Williams', Pamela Salem's and Karen Gledhill's performances from the telly and, if they were quite devoted fans back then, the extra layers given to them in Ben Aaronovitch's novelisation of the story, and the actors brought both back beautifully and moved the characters on, during my day in studio.
They're bolstered in this new series by the wonderfully witty Hugh Ross, as new regular character Sir Tobias Kinsella, and he fits in effortlessly, establishing an instant chemistry with the team that delighted me.
My episode also features Big Finish regulars John Banks and Helen Goldwyn demonstrating just some of their versatility, and Stephen Greif giving a spot on reading of a character I'd described as a cross between Alan Sugar and Ken Campbell. I'd expected an actor to go with a voice a bit like one or the other with that brief, but he amazingly found the bloke who sounded like both of them at once.

Anyway, all the details that are available at present are here. More will come nearer release date, and I'm sure I'll let you know the minute a trailer goes up online.

"Onwards and upwards!"