Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August Company

Here we are then, breaking the silence again just 7 months on. What can I report on? Not very much, I've two projects underway that started up in the Spring that I can't say a thing about at the moment, and a bunch of plans for later in the year when they're out of the way. I won't say what they are because you always look an idiot when real life turns out differently.

Most of the 'what I'm doing' and 'what are my half-baked thoughts about things' content that used to fill these pages is now filleted up and smeared over Twitter. You're welcome to type "You're wrong, dull and an idiot." at me there. I 'tweet' as @ianzpotter.

The Faction Paradox book came out to almost universally positive reviews earlier in the year. It's easy enough to google them (apart from the stuff on Gallifreybase you need to sign up to view). There was actually one review that was a bit unkind about several stories, which is probably the most fun to read, even if the reviewer now seems upset that it's been commented on by people who can view but not post on their forum. Disappointingly, even that broadly negative review seemed to regard my work as competent.

Hey ho. On we go.