Friday, 23 February 2007

Brain squalling

Had a meeting this week (or what's technically known as a chat where someone takes notes) with M'Producer and a Proper Funny Guy. He (the PFG) is, fantastically, a copy-writer in the greetings card industry, and you almost certainly know his work if you've ever had a birthday marked by a certain kind of slightly cheeky card. He must make more people laugh in a week than most of us do in a lifetime and seems a good bloke.


Hopefully soon he'll get properly recognised for his work and better paid for it. I'm not going to start the recognition process here and now, because a) I bet neither he or his current bosses would be too happy for it to be known he was off having meetings about things that may or may or not happen at the mo and b) I wouldn't want to skew the current bias of any Google searches for his name away from their current primary destination. It's too much fun to change.

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