Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Lost World of McAlmont and Butler rediscovered?

Not the greatest week really- a half decent sketch written, and little more, bar a very good Freecell percentage, to show for it.

I've found myself lying in until around 9am most days recently which must mean I've been feeling a bit ill and knackered given I'm awake at 6 when my considerably better half's alarm goes off and the clock radio kicks in, and I normally find I have to get up shortly after then too. Maybe I need to switch to a morning radio station that so infuriates me I have to vault out of bed sharpish, but given that I wake up to 'The Today Programme' (or 'Today' as absolutely nobody calls it) it might be a challenge to find anything more annoying at that time of day. Oh, hang on when does Radio 1 start with that poisonous, egotistical imbecile breakfast jock? From about 1967 onwards with a brief respite for Mark and Lard is the answer I'm looking for, I think.

Midweek, I was feeling particularly crabby about lack of feedback on a few possible projects (in part because of inertia with what I was trying to do, but not really knuckling down to), so sent out a few emails reminding people I existed. Always a tricky one, because you're writing to people who deal with loads of petulant lazy gets like me a day, but I think as a result of one of these emails, something very like a TV idea of mine 'The Lost World of McAlmont and Butler' that got knocked back for sounding too like what 'Time Trumpet' might be, could be back on the cards. So, hurrah! A few of the ideas I loved for that might just get clawed out the bin, for this new thing.

As it turned out 'Time Trumpet' turned out to be absolutely nothing like my idea, but then my idea wasn't to make a show with a great premise and one of the greatest comedy writers around and somehow contrive to make it really, really disappointing apart from one really astonishingly tasteless bit where some tower blocks attack a plane on a runway, which made me snort like a snuffpig. I don't actually know what a snuffpig is but the spell-checker is advising me the word I might have wanted to use is 'xenophobic', to clarify, that's not a word which is in someway xenophobic, the word 'xenophobic' itself, which for all I know is actually pretty liberal.

I digress.

The highlight of my week was probably hearing Paul 'Shameless' Abbott's 'Desert Island Discs', really terrific and not on Listen Again (I assume because of music rights). Fantastically honest and engaging and bizarrely I think he may have been in the same ward of Wigan hospital as my maternal grandmother at one point. Obviously, this is of no interest to anyone but myself, and that's why I'm repeating it here. I have a nearly claim to fame!

Anyhow, I'm managing to wake up a bit earlier now, and yes, I do feel better...

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