Friday, 9 March 2007

More dates, no tomatoes and fewer diversions

No Tomatoes delivery date has been set for early July, transmission dates will start from the end of August. This blog may be rather less frequently updated over the next four months! Hurrah, I love deadlines. They focus the mind like a cold vice-like crushing hand on the gonads, only in a good way.


Mark Michalowski said...

Yay! About time. Nice one!


IZP said...

Ta matey!

How's your Magnum Opus coming along? Hope you're writing it on one of your beaches (though they are a pain to put blue plaques on, especially when the seas are rising). Think of the holidays you'll be affording with the dosh from this baby! You may have to go off-world.


Mark Michalowski said...

Hehehe - at the moment, it's feeling more like a Minimum Opus. But, hey, I've got more than a month before it has to go under the microscope of the powers-that-be, so no sweat. Yeah. Right. You read the Telegraph article, too, yeah? Sales of 50,000? Bloody hell!! In one fell swoop (what *is* a fell swoop?) that'll be more people than have ever heard of me, ever, all in one go. Of course, the dosh will have to go on planting rainforest the size of Wales (apparently) to compensate for all the holidays I've taken in my life.