Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Blood and Chocolate

Readers with long memories and "fast thick pants"*, will recall I'm a vegetarian.
Readers with shorter memories but slightly longer attention spans will also know from my prior entry that watching the end credits is one of my my habits when I go to the pictures.
Another one I used to have was eating over-priced Minstrels while I was there.
Not now though.


Masterfoods have stopped using vegetarian rennet in their chocolate products, because they've decided to move over to good old calves stomach lining rennet instead now.
I've decided to stop buying anything at all they make.


That's the link I told them that at. If you have an opinion either way, why not share yours there too?

*Like the river Alph had.

Thanks to the mighty PP-H's 'blog for the 'heads up' on this.

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