Friday, 4 May 2007

Breaking Rolling News (and the Rolling Thunder Revue)

Latest news just in- We're not quite sure what the news is or what it means yet, in-depth reaction to our uncertainty to follow.

Analysis suggests all the stuff we're currently not that sure about is quite bad for Labour but not quite as bad as we were suggesting it would be when we didn't know what was going to happen in the future, in the past. To spell out exactly how bad it might be, we'll need lots of graphics, extrapolation, speculation and caveats, loads of caveats, probably...
Or, you know, we could just wait, see what happens, think about it for a while and tell you what we reckon after we've had a bit of a ponder.
What do you fancy?
This just in-
No Overall Control Hold Mid Devon.

-I could have told you that, I've been there.

And now for the in-depth results where you are- no results here at all yet.
If we extrapolate that result across the whole country, and this is just a bit of fun, this could still all change of course, we'd find ourselves, with current information as it stands, in a situation of knowing nothing.

More on that later.

Meanwhile, far away in another part of town (thanks Bob)... I've realised, with m'other half's not-inconsiderable help (Damn! Faint praise), exactly what my Verity Bargate Award submission should be, and the director's notes on the film script, are good, interesting, challenging, positive and should help me direct my thoughts in the next draft.

Clever people, eh. How good are they? I really must make efforts to surround myself with them.

People who understand why the line space formating sometimes goes wonky on Blogger would be a good start.

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