Thursday, 17 May 2007

Convincing People

We're casting...

Two thirds of the No Tomatoes cast is now confirmed. At present we have-

a lady whose character witnessed an intimate cross-species act in a Channel 4 sitcom, who's also been in both Britain's favourite Northern soap opera and that rubbish one set in Yorkshire...

a bloke whose only previous professionally credited acting roles are "Mark Antony" and "Army Captain" in a Doctor Who audio drama, and "The People on the Telly" in a short film starring that bloke from The Consultants who also does the children's entertainer character.

Tomorrow, we should know if a bit of a cult is joining us to make up the three, someone so a bit famous they've been on Richard & Judy and not just 'phoning in for the dodgy quiz either.

How the hell have I ended up working alongside proper actors?

Must act cool so they never find out I'm impressed. Must also not mention this on-line just in case it turns out actors sometimes search for references to themselves on the internet.

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