Friday, 15 June 2007

Add It Up

Now here's bizarre- the BBC is contracting me to perform in this show that you must be sick of hearing about by now, as well as write it (no, that's not the bizarre bit, shut up at the back. Honestly, a right lot of riff-raff we've got in!), and I've got contracts buying me out for both, all fine and Beau Brummelloid, except the BBC has secured itself the right to use my words on BBC7 as often as it likes for 5 years, but only has the right to use my voice saying those words a strictly limited number of times over 3 years.

So, the BBC's either wasted a few quid paying over the odds for the writin' and that, or else it's going to end up havin' to pay extra at some point down the line for the actin' and that, if it wants to use the writin' and that as much as it's allowed to.

I'm not complaining, just saying, that's all.

It's hard to compartmentalise myself into being the supposedly different people doing different jobs on the thing and getting different contracts for them when in my head it's all just one big job- Doing No Tomatoes, not writing, acting, sound designing, etc.*

I think I'm entitled to an Equity card now, but that really would be taking the pee.

When I was a lad you pretty much had to go and be an exotic dancer in Dubai for one of them if you were someone with my level of acting experience and expertise.
Now it seems all you have to do is write something that might need you around saying bits of it, for it to make any sense.

*etc. being the endless talking the show up in advance and apologising for it afterwards which I do here for nothing.

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