Thursday, 14 June 2007

Time of No Reply

Now then, if you'd been paying much attention (don't worry hypothetical attentive reader, you're just a conceit devised for this sentence- don't fret about not existing, if you're good and especially attentive I might let you notionally exist again later), you might imagine I'm about to go into studio with No Tomatoes, given it was down to be delivered at the end of the month last I told you.

That's all changed and it's all rolled back a couple of weeks, so that annoyingly I'll be recording it aged 39 not 38, curses! Even worse under-achieving.
What is about to happen is I'm about to get my detailed feedback on the scripts I submitted about a month back, which is handy because I've got loads of distance on them now, but not so good if I have to make massive rewrites over the next two weeks! Fingers crossed.

I've been given the nod that I'm definitely doing the sound design which is great news and I've got a scary, new, sound only computer that is faster and more powerful than a speeding bullet train on its way for me to fail to understand fully for some time but kinda know the way 'round a bit before the project's delivered.

So you know, I might be not around much for a bit if it all gets hairy soon...
Don't all sob at once, it doesn't sound loud enough anyway.

Oh and if you think this sudden date change confirms your theory the series doesn't exist at all and I'm just a sad fantasist- check out this-
I'm mentioned in dull dispatches!
'Course, I'm still a dull fantasist, but at least my series has more reality than you, attentive reader (you happy now, unperson?).


Mark Michalowski said...

Marvellous! Well, apart from the delay. If anyone's in doubt about how good it's going to be, just read this blog and you'll get a pretty good taste of Ian's humour.


IZP said...

Weasel words if ever I heard them! "Read this blog"! Tsk!
How's your book coming along? If it's not as good as the Cornell-Moffatt three in a row I'll be gutted.
Incidentally, re. The Cold War with its global warming relating spatio-temporal rifts, where do you get your ideas from (apart from Russell T Davies' Doomsday) obviously...)

Mark Michalowski said...

Oh, that's right! Give the plot and the twist away before the fucking thing's even been drawn!!!!