Sunday, 30 September 2007

Metal Machine Music

Well, I've now read some feedback on the BBC7 website from someone who doesn't like No Tomatoes at all- which is a relief to be honest.
They were polite, reasonable, appreciated a lot of effort had gone into the show, all of which made me happy, and just didn't laugh, which I can absolutely understand.
They identified me as a Burkiss Way fan too which was perceptive (I think show 1 is the most Burkiss like of the lot and I've made no bones that the sig tune in particular is an attempt to do something Burkissy). I appreciate the criticisms, I have my own issues with lots of bits of the series and always knew that a sketch show written by one person was unlikely to appeal to a wide audience (particularly when that one person is me), the idea was that it'd speak very directly to the kind of people who like that kind of thing.
Equally, we learn loads more from criticism than praise, like that we're basically worthless and must go back into the cupboard under the stairs until we're better people who can hold forks correctly and don't deserve beating with the big metal studded belt any more, for example.
What I really liked was the critic's analogy that the show was like "atonal music", which I take to mean 'yes, you can appreciate it's all very clever, and all that but you can't actually stand listening to it'. I thought that was fab.

Feel free to love/hate/have mixed feelings about the show yourself, either publicly or privately by following this link.

PS. This is in no way a contractual obligation post written to bring September upto 9 messages, composed in a rush much as Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music was in order to fulfill a commitment to RCA. The title Metal Machine Music clearly only refers to the above mentioned atonal music, and anyone who says otherwise is a businessman in his suit and his tie...

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