Friday, 21 September 2007

The Pitch

Writing rather aggravating at the mo, or rather not writing- writing pitches.
After a week of racking my head for SF ideas that can be pithily expressed and thus edged towards flogging without anyone having to spend to much time reading them, I was told that actually the commission now has too many SF ideas and to pitch other things again, which I did.
Of course, the think about a pitch is it can be turned down with even fewer words than a proper proposal, so they receive quite brief turning downs, 'no sorry', or 'commissioner doesn't like this kind of thing' or 'had one with a similar milieu rejected last year so not worth bothering', none of which really inspires one to keep pressing on.
However, press on we must. Paradoxically, being in the position to have something turned down without writing it is a privileged one...

More saddening for me, was having the story I really enjoyed writing recently, turned down for a collection. If you recall, I wrote a full draft of this because I reckoned a pitch would have been rubbish. This does leave you rather scuppered however when competing against pitches.
I suspect my actual story draft while capable of being changed is less appealing than similar pitches, in part because short pitches are still at a stage the editor can easily help shape them, and, as is so often the case, ideas are more intriguing than finished things.
Another writer I know, did exactly the same thing sending in a full piece for this collection, and we've agreed there's a lesson learned here- a fait accompli is easier to hate than a letter of intent.

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Pebble said...

I'm glad it wasn't just me, although even more precisely I'm glad it was you, because if it was me and NOT you I'd have had to subliminally despise you for your success, and what with one thing and another I've frankly got enough of that on my plate.