Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Hey, did I mention about…? Oh yeah, nothing else but, sorry…
Well, the first one went out and I didn’t altogether hate it (there’s one bit where something goes monstrously wrong with the mixing that still makes me cringe, but I'm just going to have to deal with it and move on). I think the later episodes are better, less frenetically “piloty” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, you can “listen again” to it here until about 5am on Tuesday the 2nd of October.

Feedback’s been nice so far.
Obviously, friends have been either glowing, guardedly critical- "marvellous, but…" or discreetly silent*, but beyond that self selecting kindness, I’ve had a comedy writer I didn’t know seek me out to offer congrats, pretty good feedback on the BBC7 comedy discussion boards (where I thought it would be utterly despised) and a pleasing anecdote relayed.
A friend of my wife was recommended it by a colleague (who’d discovered on their own it without any nagging and begging emails or associated webloggery). This friend googled it, realised it was the thing I’d been writing when we last met and told my wife off for not informing her it was on!
Not bad at all really for something as marmitey as this...
Let's hope we get to make a second series because attempting to pitch drama is a bit of a waste of time at the mo.

*Their mothers probably told them if they couldn’t say anything nice they should say nothing at all**

**My mother told me that once, I told her to shut her vacuous blabbering maw until she had opinions worth wasting air on.***

***Not really.****

****Would have been good though.

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