Tuesday, 30 October 2007


There we go, that's that there radio series over and done with for the mo, and Alex Riley has spoken to the nation-

"I’ve really enjoyed that. I think it’s good... More please."

Dare anyone disappoint the mighty voice of the Doctor Who series 1 boxset extras, he who told us about Destroying the Lair?

It would seem unlikely. Could happen though.

I was pleasantly surprised by episode 6 last night, it hung together better than I recalled (just needed about another two seconds or so of silence scattered around in it really). I think the struggle to complete the edit at the end made the compromises, fudges and rushing stick in my memory more than any of the jokes.

If there's a series two I think I'll put the silences in first and edit around them. You need breathing spaces, not quite as much as you need material, but I suspect 4 gags and some thinking time beats 5 gags and no time to digest them almost every time.

Right, I'd better get on with trying to earn some money, now.

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