Friday, 30 November 2007

Gaurdina acrhiev

Another thing I've just signed up for to help me with the book, which I am liberty to tell you is called The Rise and Rise of the Independents - a television history is The Guardian's Digital Archive, it only goes up to 1975 at the mo, and it costs money almost immediately (the free offer evaporates like snow on the sun, within seconds of getting on to the site) but it's great to poke about in, and saves me spending too much time in reference libraries, very few of which seem to be in my house, despite all the obscure books I've bought trying to lure them in.

It's a bit slow and clunky on my system (I am dial up boy) but it works.

Hey, the future- it's handy for the past and you don't even have to go out!
Sign up before midnight for a half price offer...

Sorry, that was all a bit Whizz for Atoms! wasn't it?

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