Monday, 31 December 2007

And Finally

I think on balance I’ve had rather a good year (Sturgeon’s Law notwithstanding), certainly writing about it here has helped, this little sounding off forum substituting for some of the social aspects of office life I found myself missing about a year back.

Professionally, I’m much nearer my goals now (actually one of my longest held professional ambitions was fulfilled in 2007- see most posts passim), the mortgage (a word that must seem even more depressing if you're French) is dwindling and I’ve been so much happier than I was in 2006, so that's all got to be good.
I hope you’ve had a good year too and we’ll carry on having fun next year.

Don’t be a stranger.


1 comment:

Pebble said...

What, even to people I don't know? That's asking a bit much.

Still, happy and merry and new and so forth. Don't forget me if 2008 has you turning suddenly rich and famous, or ideally do, but then mistake me for someone you like better and owe a great deal more money.