Monday, 7 January 2008

It's great being straight... yeah

Like a terrible old cliche, I've stopped drinking this January. However, I don't think I've ever done it before, so it's all new to me, and there is much to be said for sobriety, you know- energy, clarity of thought, hardly walking into anything, erm that other one, you know, memory.
There's a natural high to be had in not taking a regular depressant of an evening and walking around being smugly self-righteous instead. If you want to be a terrible old bore too, and you're reading this which is a good start, you should try it.

Went down to Allan McKeown's last week to talk cutting the hair of Rex Harrison's wife, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Nightingales and points in between (of which there are some). Entertaining man, and on the way back I managed to pick up Jeremy Isaacs autobiography for under a quid, which was an unexpected bonus, given that I'd ummed over buying it a few times for much more from
I managed to avoid being there while Tracey Ullman was, which is probably good because I might have gushed, but her imminent arrival hung over my hour there like a Popular Entertainer of Damocles

Today, I've got to call Charlie Parsons, and avoid talking at nerdish length about Club X but I've just had to stop and say excitedly (but goodness me, so very soberly) that my little radio show is on a long list, to go on a short list to be nominated for not getting an award in the end after all that.
Imagine- me in a position to fail at one hurdle or another on the way to getting a Sony! Nearly as exciting as my two opportunities to do thrilling things that fell through at the back end of 2007- some telly script editing and a LE writing placement at Radio 4 (and about as likely to come to fruition).

Still, I love Sony me, I use loads of their stuff and the only bit that ever annoys me slightly is all the little interstitial disclaimer bits and animated logos I have to sit through when trying to watch an episode of Seinfeld on DVD.
It'd be nice if Sony could be prevailed upon to love me back, and maybe cut that legalese bit about none of the opinions being Sony's fault if you put the "Notes About Nothing" option on, too.

More again later in the week, when I'll know if I have a series 2 or not, and will discover how sobriety measures up against a great desire to celebrate or blot out disappointment.

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Pebble said...

Ian, you're a clever man, or, you know, you're... there. So. What did Saward actually say to Starburst? Everyone calls it infamous and then fails to follow up on it, it's infuriating. I demand to be let in on this red-hot topical gossip.