Friday, 11 January 2008

No no- maybe, maybe later, but no now

As I kind of expected, despite the enthusiasm of others, No Tomatoes series 2 has been turned down, for now at least (which is certainly a subset of forever).
I never thought it was the shoe-in others seemed to, to be honest (despite 7 apparently asking us to offer a second series), and my suspicion mounted when it got put on the internal Sony longlist last week.
There was, I suspected, a good reason it wasn't already there alongside Spats another 7 new commission... Paranoia or something less sinister...?

Anyway, the feedback is nicely anonymous- a reduction in newly commissioned comedy slots for 7 means it can't be fitted in, but it would be reconsidered if resubmitted in the next offers round.
So no one's saying my ideas are vile and their execution execrable (not in print anyway) which is a relief, and there's some sort of appeal process apparently, but I think it's safe to say the show's dead, for the time being at least.

It does take the pressure off me slightly (in every way bar financially) as I trog along on my book writing. I don't have to leap straight back into 'attempting to be funny' after my slog along in 'striving to be true', now- but is rather a shame for the hard working people who were the BBC's Manchester Comedy Department (now defunct).

On the plus side, I had fun earlier this week writing on one of my favourite topics "troubled telly light entertainment fellers of the 1960s" for my old employers in Bradford (and money, I should add) and I saw a review from Andrew Pixley (Mr Archive) for my last bit of telly book writery today- "Ian Potter presents the best explanation of how 1960s technology shaped the series" he says, which saves you £3.99 or a sheepish flick through the mags in WH Smith finding said review. If you don't know what "the series" is I'm amazed you're here.

Off with the motley, and on.

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Stuart Douglas said...

Well that's disappointing. I missed the second from last one (I wonder if you've been torrented?) so I have that to listen to when I find it, but still...I'd have thought 'No Tomatoes' was promising even if you'd turned out to be some kind of unfriendly maniac with extreme Aspergers as oppsoed ot the charmer that you so obviously are :) High praise indeed, I'm sure you agree.

If it's any consolation I enjoyed your contribution to the Who book as well - it's a damn fine collection all round actually and - without wishing to appear tactless - I'm hoping for a volume 2 of that as well.

Finally, hmmmm - troubled telly light entertainer, eh? My money's on the inestimable Frankie - just started reading McCann's book on Spike, Sykes and the lads at ALS and it's a fabulous period in British comedy.