Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Old jokes

If you read this I expect I've probably already let you know that No Tomatoes is being rerun at the mo, but you never know...

You can catch it via the iPlayer these days at
if you're interested.

It now comes with a free picture of a cute dog, which I like to think is progress.


Rob Stradling said...

Can I get it as a podcast?

IZP said...

Oooh Lorr no. That's only for your actual popular stuff, I'm afraid. This is stuff for taping onto old 15 minute computer game cassettes with a tape recorder pressed against the telly and then trading geekily. They want you to work for your mp3!

The new one, which is better than show one is at
now, as you may have seen.

It contains a Rob and a Steve fighting over a "Cornell project" which I realised too late sounded like it must be some kind of obscure Droo in-joke rather a case of scratting 'round for names that sounded right at the last minute.