Friday, 6 April 2012

Alchemists Update

And straight after the announcement comes... announcement of postponement!
That's why I didn't give you any pre-order links the other day. Despite the cover being revealed in print a few days ago (curse magazine run-in times), we've known since just before the magazine came out that the CD now wouldn't be able to get through all the post-production, approval and manufacture mallarkey in time for July.
Nothing sinister in this, it's just our April recording date fell through, and that was really the last feasible point it could be done and still be released on time (March recording was the initial plan but dates for that proved unschedulable).

The release is now set for next year, which has a couple of bonuses for me- one, it won't now be released at the same time as the Counter-Measures box set, so I'll only have one set of reviews to deal with at once (good or bad, reviews are tricky beasts and I've yet to master indifference), and two, my story that takes place as 1933 begins and made to fit in with the TV of 1963 will come out in 2013. That's definitely tidier.

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