Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Base Camp

I've been working on tackling negativity recently. Not positive I've succeeded.
I've also written a couple of things that aren't quite announced yet. Both quite different (more of them later) and both from synopses I created long before writing.

Synopses are funny things- they're obviously a vital tool for the commissioner and the writer, they're the map of where you're heading, but sometimes they're treacherous documents.
The ground that looks safe and easy to traverse on the map turns out to be ridiculously slow and boggy sometimes, sections of the journey you'd imagine would take ages zip by at alarming speed, areas where you hoped to find buried treasure turn out to have been looted and you end up having to go to places marked "Here be dragons", which rarely ends well.
Dragons, as a rule, are either inconvenient or non-existent.

Both the last two synopses have been distinctly slippery maps, partly because the me who drew them up is quite a distance from the me who had to follow them, but they've got me to the end of their journeys. The points of interest on route may have changed, and in one case I had to take a massive detour to guarantee I'd still get to my final destination but we're there and I'm ready for the next trips and the suns shining.
I think I might sit the sunshine for a bit and make up some jokes. That's the plan anyway. It may change.

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